12 Year Old Makes More Than You!


I wanted to share a video of David Wood interviewing a 12 year old boy from Holland who quite frankly makes more money than most people not only in the US, but also in the world and he’s ONLY beginning.

The boy’s name is Jesse and he just recently got started with Empower Network.

This goes to show, yet again, that people need to…..

…..stop making so many excuses, stop making things so much more difficult, and follow the instructions.

Kids like Jesse are easier to teach the process, they’re more open minded, and they don’t act like they already know “the better” way to do things.

Watch the interview below:

Wait, wait, wait…..

before some of you start making up more excuses, there are people from all walks of life doing this.

There are people who are blind, deaf, in wheelchairs, people in their 80′s, and of course the youth.

Stop Making ExcusesI’ve noticed that people will easily be willing to blow hundreds of dollars on junk food, fast food…

….or they’ll spend 10′s of thousands of dollars on an education that rarely gets them the job they’re looking for.

Yet are afraid of spending $25 to get started on a life changing process that will bring a huge ROI as it’s done for the 12 year old boy.

If you’re coachable, open minded, and truly understand what comes with starting up any offline or online business, then……….

you’ll be the best candidate that will discover a massive transformation ahead of you!  So join us below!

People with a poor and broke mindset are not welcomed in this business… unless you’re ready to transform your way of viewing life!


======Income Disclaimer======

Just because Jesse was able to make $12,000 in 3 months with us doesn’t mean you will.  We don’t know what your work ethic is like.

Jesse clearly has taken the time to go through the training and has actively applied what he has learned.  In other words, he followed directions from the leaders, he didn’t look for some “secret”, and he was consistent in his efforts!

See our Income Disclaimer here!

=====End of Income Disclaimer======


Is It Hard To Generate Leads?


A lot of people make the entire process more difficult than it really is in generating leads.

Building a list is the most important factor in creating success online, and most successful marketers use this process.

It’s not to say that you can’t make money without a list, but if you’re without a list, you are consistently resorting to trying to win the trust of customers or prospects.

If somebody came up to you and threw an offer first thing to your face, will you buy what they have? Probably not.

If somebody built a relationship of trust with you and THEN offered you a product, would you then be willing to buy their product?

Most likely yes.  885 leads Imagine if somebody came up to you and right away asked if you wanted to get married?

You’d think they’re crazy. :-)

Generating leads is not that hard once you understand the process and the big picture.

There are multiple ways of getting leads, so you just need to find what works best for you!

Join me today and I’ll help show you the process of how this works.

You MUST commit yourself to do whatever it takes to make your goals and ambitions come to a reality!

-David Adams

Join Below!

Tracey just called me and said, “Either you’re going to get in, or you’re not gonna be my friend anymore.”

I said, “Okay, I’m in,” and that was that.

…And honestly, this is my first time getting a chance to get the check, cause I missed Atlanta. I was at home with postpartum depression…


I had quit in my mind, so this is actually a huge accomplishment, so I’m happy to be here.

And FYI 5 years ago I was sittin’ in a welfare office, broke and bankrupt, on welfare, foreclosed, repossession and everything you can imagine.

So if you’re there right now, and you’re in this room, IT CAN HAPPEN despite what obstacles come in your way.

-Nicole Cooper

EN Austin 2013

Stories like this are just amazing to listen to…


Well, it shows and proves the point that your past doesn’t equal your future, and you can become what you want to become. Tragedy to triumph stories are happening around us every single day.

It is exciting, because YOU TOO can create your story.

You can manifest your destiny and create your universe.

I would be lying if I said that the Empower Network was the only vehicle that you can use to make positive change in your personal and financial life.

It’s just the BEST damn vehicle that I’ve ever seen that you can use to get the results that you want.


Join the movement and create your story.


We want to see you rise above the ashes of your past, and soar like a phoenix to your ultimate potential.

We want to see YOU on stage having created YOUR six figure empire…

…and there is room for you, because like David said…

Some of you guys are going to realize something, that you were just in an auditorium, of like 4,000 people or whatever it is.

You know, I was in a company back in 2003, and I was in an auditorium of 15,000 people that had 5 auditoriums of 15,000 people, the same weekend, just on the west coast.

The weekend before there was 20 auditoriums of 15,000 on the east coast…

Not counting the meetings all through Europe, not counting the things all over the world.

There is NOBODY in this thing guys. You guys are in something where you can just go out and create a fortune.”

100% Commissions,

Great leadership,

Proven model,

Just getting started.

Welcome to the Empower Network.

Isn’t it about time to take action?

Join Buttons3

We’ll see you at the next event,

-David Adams

P.S. Leave your comments below.



Disclaimer: Obviously folks, Nicole’s story is extraordinary, and a lot of the stories that we share are extraordinary, because we have a lot of people getting extraordinary results. Income and results will vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.


“All In” is kind of just a really cool way to say, “Where are you at with your mental and emotional state, and are you in the correct mind and state of heart, to attract people when you talk to them…

…let them know that you believe in what you are doing. When you believe in what you are doing.”

It’s not just about owning the products. I mean, owning the products just goes without saying. If you are serious about your business, if you are serious about your family, if you are serious about taking your life to the next level, then the information that is available in those products is just priceless.

-David Sharpe

The “Magic” of the “All In” Mindset

This is just one of those videos that you need to watch, possibly over and over again. Me writing for it is coming at a perfect time, because I just got off a “Booming” Monday night “Empower Hour” call where this same concept was talked about, in a different way, by some of the top earners.

You see, being “All In” is much more than a financial decision. The decision is emotional and it all starts with what Vick talked about on this week’s call, and that is being extremely clear about “Why” you want your business to work.

When the Dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.”

When you know “Why” and have eliminated “plan B” and are convicted that you know you are going to do whatever it takes to make your business work, no matter what obstacles will surely come in your way…

…You are “All In” EMOTIONALLY.

A byproduct of being “All In” emotionally will be getting all in financially, because when you truly are you will defy all odds and find a way to make it happen, and then go and find a way to make your business happen.

It will give you the eye of the tiger, and you’ll stop taking people’s excuses.

The formula will actually work in reverse if you simply follow it.

If you get “All In” financially, before you do emotionally(and some people do), you have put yourself in a good position. If you go through the products, and follow the 8 core commitments, odds are your mind will “SNAP” and the decision to get “All In” emotionally will manifest itself.

You have now become unstoppable.

If that doesn’t make sense, then watch the video on this page over and over again until it does…

Then get all in…


…and meet us at the next event.

To your success and freedom,

-David Adams

“All In”

P.S. Empower Network affiliates, THIS is a particularly good blog post to share with your TEAM. Login to your back office and send it out with your team mailer…

Of course, I’d suggest you get “ALL IN” first. Why? Well, if you’re not clear, watch the video again. Duh! (kidding… kind of). Look – now is the time to do it. To make it happen. To decide.

David Sharpe just posted this on Facebook last night and I think it sums it up:

We’ve experienced an 81% growth in new customers compared to this time last month. My prediction: After Chicago, that will happen again, and again, and again.

That’s why I love these lines:

“Empower Network is saturated”.

“I should have got in while it was hot”.

“This is just like Empower Network, but better”.

All the while, next month, and the month after, and the month after – that 81% new growth will happen again, and again, and again :-)



Obvious Disclaimer: no income is ever guaranteed. Magical money ferries don’t sell stuff for you or your team. You make money with the Empower Network when products are sold. Many income stories that you see are extraordinary stories from extraordinary people. Results will vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.



Roger Ebert

On Tuesday, Mr. Ebert blogged that he had suffered a recurrence of cancer following a hip fracture suffered in December, and would be taking “a leave of presence.” In the blog essay, marking his 46th anniversary of becoming the Sun-Times film critic, Ebert wrote “I am not going away. My intent is to continue to write selected reviews but to leave the rest to a talented team of writers hand-picked and greatly admired by me.”

(Source:  Chicago Sun Times: Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer )

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